new. for sale. 3' x 3.'  'the real estate in your mind sold to your worst thoughts.' 


new drawing for sale.  3' b 3'. titled 'I love my pets' 

new drawing for sale  2.5' by 3'  titled '1001 ways to bang your head in'  pieced together from old drawings. 


new drawing.  'the first child is always the most delicious.'  for sale.  1.5' by 2'  fucking GET SOME\


'the garbage times'

fall 2017

catapult publishing

'It was the garbage times.' 


new drawing.  for sale. titled 'just having a conversation with my friend here'  roughly 2.5' x 3'


new drawing. for sale. titled 'first kiss/first test.' 


new drawing.  roughly 2' x 3'. drawn on pressboard/siding type material.  titled 'I am losing my fucking mind'   


new drawing for sale.  drawn on back of bar sign.  roughly 2' x 3'  sampinkisalive AT gee mayl dot com


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two new drawings. for sale. 


book trailer for, '...glass head...'


YOUR GLASS HEAD AGAINST THE BRICK PARADE OF NOW WHATS is now available as an e-book.  get it here

paperback here

reviews at both sites. 

good review here as well.


new drawing for sale


YOUR GLASS HEAD AGAINST THE BRICK PARADE OF NOW WHATS is now available. a single poem. 70 pages. fucking get some, punk. 


got the proof for 'your glass head against the brick parade of now whats' and made like five corrections. the book will be available later tonight but if you want to buy the corrected proof off me email sampinkisalive AT g mail dot COM. I even fucking signed it!
new article


new drawing for sale. 2.5' x 2.5'.

looks really nice up close. shiny metallic marker. 

thanks for viewing!


new drawing for sale 


new drawing for sale, jo. roughly 8x12


article on how my mind works
selling the only printed out/hand-edited/final manuscript of YOUR GLASS HEAD AGAINST THE BRICK PARADE OF NOW WHATS   sampinkisalive  AT g mail
article at the fanzine


selling these three drawings.  low low low. sampinkisalive  At GEEEE mail dot com

first one is roughly 8 by 10, on press board.   second one is roughly 11 by 17 drawn on a homeless person's sign. last one is roughly 1 foot by 2 feet on foam posterboard. 


rough cover (back/front respectively) for a book of poetry i'm self-publishing, called 'your glass head against the brick parade of now what.' 


very important article. shout-out jereme dean for the alley oop


poster-sized prints of my drawings are available here

I make twelve dollars off each one.

takes like two weeks to get to you.

if there's any design you'd like to see as a poster, just let me know!