i found two of my poems here. if you scroll down you can see my name and then the poems. this has happened to me a few times, where i find my work somewhere and i have no clue how it got there. i like it. i feel like that's justified because the whole point of this blog is to put work out in the open. if you are reading this and you want to put some of the work up somewhere or even if you just want to print it out and tape it to a wall, i suggest doing so. sometimes i masturbate to the photos of sliced ham and/or roast beef in supermarket ads because it looks like a vagina and going to the bathroom with a supermarket ad doesn't look conspicuous like going to the bathroom in a public area with a hustler. you can just be like, "what, i want to know if there's any deals on grapes" and then masturbate really hard in the bathroom and no one is the wiser. i am ok with that. you should be too.