hello. people started to send me the videos for the video project. i have one of a person in a bubble bath. i have one of barry's daughter holding a big bear and then leg-dropping the bear. this might be a good project. i need more. give me more please.

i will post the potential covers for THE SELF ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME sometime soon. i need to find a scanner. i am pretty excited about it. i drank a lot of red wine and then made the cover. i think the title will only be on the spine. i also think i will make it like a cd, where there is a cover and then on the back a list of all the plays. this book feels good to me, like it combines power and exactness. like when you're talking to someone you hate, and you stop for a second, let the anger diminish, then think of something so perfect and terrible that you can actually feel the other person's self esteem melt.

i am alone.