I AM GOING TO CLONE MYSELF THEN KILL THE CLONE AND EAT IT is in print again. if you bought it, you will get it soon. or you can buy it now if you want, if you aren't too tired or grumpy or if you don't dislike me.

here is an example of some of the work inside it.

and here is an interview with the bestest boy in the whole world, daniel

gene morgan set up a page with downloadable pdf chapbooks, including mine, A MINIVAN FULL OF ANGRY HETEROSEXUALS WTH CROOKED TEETH AND EVEN MORE CROOKED WAYS OF GETTING REVENGE. (it's a chapbook of random lines from emails of mine)

should have two full length books and a chapbook out soon.

should stop grinding my teeth.

snuggle buddies!

here is a picture i drawed while grinding my teeth to the tune of stupid youth:


Ani Smith said...

Motherfucker's missing a toenail.

sam pink said...

yesterday (this is true) i saw an old man walking down the sidewalk. he was bald and along the top of his skull, somewhat like a headband, there were staples, maybe a hundred or so. he was smiling.

sam pink said...

for those perhaps hesitant to buy CLONE, i refer you to its 4.6 rating on goodreads, surely signal to its greatness.

furthermore, potential purchasers may keep in mind barry graham (publisher) and his family's welfare, not because they will profit monetarily, but rather because on oath to my dead relatives, i made avowals of violence to him and his family.

wordsforguns said...

The pdf chapbook just touched me in a no no area.