josh kleinberg emailed me and asked for a short play. i sent him a short play that is not in any book and now it is up at slingshot. read it here.

if you want to read more short plays, buy CLONE, i will sell it to you for the price of shipping (five dollars u.s., like ten dollars outside u.s.)

UPDATE: if you video tape yourself throwing up and saying the name of either of the next two books coming out, i will give you both books for free. throwing up or injuring yourself in some way, maybe standing in front of a bathroom mirror and just cutting your chest open. two free books for whoever does this.


Jordan Castro said...

dank ass play

sam pink said...

i spent all day trying to punt the saran wrapped heart into the basketball hoop and right after i swished it a bird stole it.

jereme said...

we really should poison someone.