i got a second proof and it looks fucking sweet.

(i am not lying this time.)

it's 300 pages of good-ass plays.

there are multiple versions of some plays and they all wind together somehow.

if you liked the ml press chapbook BE NICE TO EVERYONE, then you will like the book. BE NICE TO EVERYONE is in the book.

the end of the book is worth the price alone, i think.

people who read earlier drafts said it was like beckett.

one person said, "i didn't read it, sorry dude."

if you buy it, you can look forward to reading many awesome things.

i will have more copies soon to sell for cheaper than the amazon price.

i don't know anything about promotion except for trying to make the book good. but a lot of times people tell me they recommended my book to another person or other people and/or let those people borrow the book. so that is my promotion plan. if you like the book, tell someone else to read it or just let them read your copy. that seems cool.

if you write for a magazine email me for a review copy. (sampinkisalive@gmail.com)

in honor of the release, i have interviewed myself to get the real scoop:

me: how is book?

me: book is good. have funny things, have bad things, have sweet things. remind you of anyone?

me: ha ha. you are treasure. book make smiles?

me: yes, smiles on faces and money will appear in your pocket as you read.

me: fascinating. is book made of cocaine? tears?

me: whoa dude. book is made of dead relatives.

me: do you have future? die of AIDS maybe? cancer?

me: ha ha. we have to see maybe. anything is possible in america when the children are the future.

me: thanking you for your time

me: i am thanking you. always give me pleasure in my headhole.

also, john barrow helped me with layout and formatting. email him if you need help. he is the shit. give him money. dnbrwstr@gmail.com
if you write for a magazine and you want a review copy of THE SELF-ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME, email me (sampinkisalive@gmail.com). they will ready by the weekend.


i can't make it bigger for some reason. click on it to see it bigger. it looks nicer bigger i think.


UPDATE: THE SELF-ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME is on goodreads. thank you to whoever put it on there. people, if you care at all about how many stars i have, if you want me to be able to use my stars to upgrade my crystal sword and gain magic points, if you find stars to be the most effective way of expressing your feelings about a book, please read the book and fill out the page.



here are some things:

1. you can buy CLONE from the publisher again. i don't have any more copies.

2. i am reading in louisiana i think, in may. i need to raise money for a train ticket. if there is something you would pay me for doing, like work, let me know. pictures, writing, printed drafts of books that haven't come out yet whatever. i will do work for the money. if you live in chicago, i will clean for you or try to explain to your son or daughter the importance of the eternal return as the fundamental grounding of nietzschean metaphysics. i am also willing to paint your apartment or make you some food. if you need someone to watch a movie with and imagine things into the movie that make it funnier i will do that. i will also beat someone up for you.

3. here's my tip of the week. if you have a shirt that smells halfway bad, you can drape it over a chair and put the chair by a cold window. overnight it will smell fine again.

4. i am supposed to get a proof for THE SELF-ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME this week so if it looks ok it will be out soon.

5. i think i plan on burning out pretty soon. if you own a farm and need some help working it, i will be burnt out pretty soon. i am a good worker and i don't talk a lot.

6. if anyone has a book coming out soon, and it is like, a serious book, i think it would be cool to quote a slayer song on the first page. perhaps something from "altar of sacrifice" or "necrophobic."


click on it to see it bigger



i think six gallery press is going to put out the two novels i wrote. now i have to finish them.



I went to union station last week and while I was waiting for my train I bought a drink from a vending machine in the small arcade area. I was the only person there except for an amish man. He walked around with his arms behind his back, looking at the video games. He stood by one, watching the screen, where there were people murdering each other, and bombs going off. Then he walked over to a video game where you sit in it like a car. He sat in the car and pressed the brakes and some of the buttons. He watched the desert scene on the screen and he turned the wheel. His faced looked scared or upset or unsure. Another man came into the arcade area and started playing a game where you aim a plastic gun at the screen and shoot mutated people who have blood on their faces. The amish man watched, with his hands behind his back. I felt upset. At first I felt bad for the amish man, then I felt bad about myself. Then I realized that I was really upset about always feeling bad for other people. The amish man and I stood by the man playing the video game and we watched him shoot people on the screen. I almost laughed because I imagined me and the amish man in the video game car, driving away somewhere.