I went to union station last week and while I was waiting for my train I bought a drink from a vending machine in the small arcade area. I was the only person there except for an amish man. He walked around with his arms behind his back, looking at the video games. He stood by one, watching the screen, where there were people murdering each other, and bombs going off. Then he walked over to a video game where you sit in it like a car. He sat in the car and pressed the brakes and some of the buttons. He watched the desert scene on the screen and he turned the wheel. His faced looked scared or upset or unsure. Another man came into the arcade area and started playing a game where you aim a plastic gun at the screen and shoot mutated people who have blood on their faces. The amish man watched, with his hands behind his back. I felt upset. At first I felt bad for the amish man, then I felt bad about myself. Then I realized that I was really upset about always feeling bad for other people. The amish man and I stood by the man playing the video game and we watched him shoot people on the screen. I almost laughed because I imagined me and the amish man in the video game car, driving away somewhere.


brittany wallace said...

when amish kids get wasted and black out they don't worry because their horses know the way home

sam pink said...

i think i am going to become amish. i am usually making the same face as the amish people i see as union station.

Olivia said...

it definitely puts into perspective how stupid and fucked up modern day ideas of entertainment are. but if you suggested doing away with someone's copy of Call of Duty or something you're a wicked douchebag for not wanting to capitalize on war or violence.

brittany wallace said...

i would never want to be amish.

the amish are just as fucked up, only in a different manner.

sam pink said...

i like amish people.

i like call of duty and other violent video games.

i like everything except not-liking things, unless the not-liking applies to not-liking something, in which case, by reason of double negation, i would still be liking it.

it is snowing out.

i keep dreaming about alison.

i constantly grind my teeth.

when i'm at jewel osco i always feel like everyone is staring at me.

it is time to do something with an uncertain outcome.

i like amish people.

i like people who comment.

i like people who don't comment.

i like call of duty and other violent video games.

i like not-liking things that announce to me that they don't want to be liked.

i like schopenhauer.

i like mild brain damage from dissociative drug use.

i like people who are vocal about not doing drugs.

i like people who will do drugs in front of you

i like arguing.

i like not-arguing.

i like to focus on the image of myself burnt alive in my bedroom, with my hands up to my face.

Marcos said...

i like sam pink

he writes real good

DJ Berndt said...

Amish people creep me out.

DJ Berndt said...

My parents told me when I was a little kid that Amish kids are sometimes born with an extra finger so they tie a rubber band around it for a long time until it falls off. Sometimes I would try it on my finger, to see if it would work. Why did they tell me that?

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

in england not many people know about amish people. you sort of hear jokes about them on the simpsons and that's how you learn.

Z.Rodriguez said...

People keep saying "Amish People"

They're called "Amonds"

Almonds without the L.

It's ok.

shaun said...

if you kiss an amish man or woman, you run the risk of becoming one