i think six gallery press is going to put out the two novels i wrote. now i have to finish them.


sarah san said...

congrats + good luck

Ken Baumann said...

yyyyyyyyyeeeeeahhhhhhh boooooooiiii!

congratulations! wish i could buy some beer and share it with you.

Ken Baumann said...


Jonny Ross said...


that second pic of shope should be one of the covers; better than a pussy face.

Don Broma said...

Sam Pink is awesome.

Ken Baumann is not awesome.

I say that "Ken Baumann is not awesome" because I am jealous of Ken Bauman. He's only 20 years old and he's a famous television star who also has 'credibility' because of his involvement with underground/indie press writing and online blogs by underground/indie press writers = he'll get laid forever.

Ken Baumann is also not awesome because his profile picture is a picture of himself with Hollywood make-up on pretending that he got his ass kicked.

Pretending to get your ass kicked is not awesome.

Really actually getting your ass kicked is awesome.

I've never really actually gotten my ass kicked before, so I can't claim that level of awesomeness, but maybe soon I will get my ass kicked and claim that level of awesomeness for myself.

Maybe I'll get my ass kicked next Monday, because Blake Butler is in San Francisco, and I can drive to San Francisco, and maybe Blake Butler will kick my ass.

Actually, if I had to put money on it, I think that I would kick Blake Butler's ass if we got into a confrontation. I think Blake Butler grew up 'well-provided-for,' which makes me think I could kick his ass, just because I grew up poor.

I have been led to believe that being 'well-provided for' means you grow up weak, and growing up 'poor' means that you grow up strong, and in a hypothetical confrontation between someone who grew up 'well-provided for' and someone who grew up 'poor,' the 'poor' person will win because he has been made strong through adversity.

Maybe that's just a pile of crap fed to 'poor' people like myself to give us some sense that being 'poor' is actually a good thing. Maybe Blake Butler would actually kick my ass if we had a confrontation, and me being raised poor doesn't even have 'resilience' or 'toughness' as compensation.

Maybe I'll have to delete my blog and hope people will forget my name because I got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to post on other peoples' blogs in order to promote my own blog, but actually it was a bad idea because it's never good to ride on other people's coat-tails.

Riding on other people's coat-tails is another 'shameful thing' identified for me by my upbringing, which perhaps tries to make me feel less slighted for having been raised up poor and without connections by convincing me that having connections (e.g. riding other people's coat-tails) is a shameful thing.

Maybe I should stop this comment now.

In the end, the most significant info is that Sam Pink might be putting out 2 new novels.

Sam pink is awesome.

Don Broma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sam pink said...

sarah, thanks.

ken, i like old style.

jonny, thanks homes.

don, thanks for the comment. i think it touches on many essential points, which i will now try to address in the order in which they were presented. firstly, ken baumann, apropos of his pussy intake. now, i think those among us of any honesty have had our moments of hating ken baumann, when considering the amount, the variety, the sheer quality of pussy to which he may have access. truly, i have known dark days, standing in the shower letting the water hit my troubled head, meditating on the veritable cache of pussy mr baumann most likely may claim. a cache which must be staggering, nay, crippling to the average person. however, i ask you, truly, i ask all of you, should this warrant our hate? is not this hate more a form of aggravated admiration, bordering on the insane? do we begrudge the peacock his comely array? the lion his claws? then let us not begrudge ken his undeniable good-looks and charm and whatever wealth may result. no, i say, ken baumann is inside all of us, waiting to be realized. i for one champion his advantage. whether he capitalize, or refrain, advantage: baumann.

now, point the second, blake butler's fighting aptitude. i feel qualified to remark on this, as i have danced intimately with him on one occasion at a reading and i feel as though i assessed his body amply. my assessment is that, while blake may not trouble you from the outspide, or perhaps have what one may categorize as knockout power, his true advantage lies within his core strength. on the inside, look for butler to be a beast. a sort of malevolent gumby. now, i don't know what harper perennial feeds their fighters, he may have slipped a little, but butler is no pushover. look to stay on the outside and land hooks. parry his attempts to grapple and break up patterns with uppercuts. there is nothing viable on the inside with this guy, his orangutan-like grappling will prove difficult to eschew. that said, caprice is the charm of every good fight. i am sure he, along with any other worthwhile writer, would be willing to physically fight you at a reading. again, don, i thank you for your comment and if i had coat tails of any kind, i would use them to wipe my mouth.

Ken Baumann said...

i spend most of my time with screens and books and air.

access is a potential available to all.

Don Broma said...

Sam, I thank you for your eloquent commentary. Ken, I beg your pardon. I will now delete my previous posts. My drunk is wearing off. I regret the rashness provoked by my jealousy and general discontent. Life is but a bitter flower. Alas. Alas.

Don Broma said...

I also regret my statement "Really actually getting your ass kicked is awesome" because, as I stated in my post, I've never really actually gotten my ass kicked. I haven't even really actually been in a fight since I was 13, which was more than ten years ago. It's probably foolish to make declarations about what can't be backed up with personal experience.

sam pink said...

it's all good. i think we all calmly and politely worked to discover truths concerning the human condition tonight. i hear a sweet ass dinosaur jr. solo in my head.

Ken Baumann said...

hi don. it's okay; i wouldn't want you to delete. if i can't laugh at myself first, then i'm doing something wrong. we all have hearts, and hearts are hearts are hearts.

Don Broma said...

You guys are the best!

Don Broma said...

And Blake Butler too!

Sorry Blake!

Ben Brooks said...


scott mcclanahan said...

Ahhh shit Sam. This is awesome. Yeah yeah yeah.