you can now buy noah cicero's new book, THE INSURGENT. i've read it twice and it's good.

you can also mail me blotters and i will write something especially for you.


apants said...

when did you start sucking so bad? Really? I am a tool for the healthcare system and I'm only glad I'm not as bad as you at writing.

sam pink said...

most say i started sucking long before this blog was even created. others maintain a slow steady increase in sucking has occurred. yet another theory holds that there are periods of sucking really hard, punctuated by perhaps not sucking as badly. regardless of the viewpoint you have, it is safe to say you are correct.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

what a caustic comment from apants - sam you can have my heart inside a silverish shining box whenever you like

Jak Cardini said...

the insurgent was the best new book ive read in quite some time.

Out of that group of new writers, Noah Cicero is the one who'll be around for sometime to come. My kids are gonna have to read that shit in college. I can tell.