100 copies.

a three-thousand word chant.

ships 10/01/10


i'm going to be reading at a festival in kent, ohio on September 10th and 11th, with noah cicero and jordan castro.

here is a review of "frowns need friends too" by steve roggenbuck. in the review he mentions that his mom thinks i am morbid. a lot of people have told me this in person. it feels normal.

the august issue of THE LIFTED BROW will contain the first chapter of "PERSON." i am doing the last edits on "PERSON" now.

for some reason it was really hard to type this post. like, it seemed really hard to think of words and put them in the right order and spell them correctly.

"i want you to know that Rambo is a first rate soldier...what you call hell, he calls home."

yesterday both of my temples hurt badly all day, from grinding my teeth in my sleep. i could barely eat things, because it hurt.

i had a dream a few weeks ago that made me feel different. now instead of feeling like a dead rat being poked with a charred stick, i feel like a smiling dead rat being poked by a charred stick, and the poking is being done by a person who is not trying to poke me, but rather is just trying to stand using the charred stick like a cane. (not sure if that is how you spell the type of cane someone uses to walk).

the song "tractor rape chain" by guided by voices is a good song to me.

if anyone who lives in chicago is reading this, and has some heroin that isn't HPPP/some heartattack shit, we can get together and i will do the heroin and the other person can film a video of me talking about whatever the other person asks. (not joking/trying to be cool). maybe we can start a literature blog that features videos of people on heroin talking about things, unscripted.

i read THE CONDEMNED the other day and i really liked it.

i am looking forward to it being fall.



2. the paperhero press website has been re-done. now featuring an extra blurb from my neighbor. all the orders for "clone" have been mailed. it will be on amazon soon too.

3. here are two articles (1 and 2) about the subway stop in my neighborhood, Uptown. the articles are funny. the subway stop has been rated "the worst in all of chicago" for the second time now. among the topics discussed in the articles are: bums, crackheads, violence, urine-stench, sexual harassment, guns and disgust. here is a collection of some of the lines i liked the best from the articles: "train reeks of human urine...chances are good (late at night) that you'll get mugged...I was specifically told by a miscreant how much more money he needed and what he needed it for: 'Man, I need 15 cent to get me a forty'...This place needs a bath...there is too much human poop on the stairs to give it more than one star."