2. the paperhero press website has been re-done. now featuring an extra blurb from my neighbor. all the orders for "clone" have been mailed. it will be on amazon soon too.

3. here are two articles (1 and 2) about the subway stop in my neighborhood, Uptown. the articles are funny. the subway stop has been rated "the worst in all of chicago" for the second time now. among the topics discussed in the articles are: bums, crackheads, violence, urine-stench, sexual harassment, guns and disgust. here is a collection of some of the lines i liked the best from the articles: "train reeks of human urine...chances are good (late at night) that you'll get mugged...I was specifically told by a miscreant how much more money he needed and what he needed it for: 'Man, I need 15 cent to get me a forty'...This place needs a bath...there is too much human poop on the stairs to give it more than one star."


Alicia Pernell said...

what a boring blog. you're just masturbating onto the page.

♥ AP

bootsie q. mcgromblestein said...

CRUST STATION! seriously, i actually laughed aloud on the train when i read that in RedEye last week, repeating "crustacean" over and over in my head. but hey, at least i still wasn't the strangest person on the red line.

steve roggenbuck said...

i almost got an apartment by that stop but the apartment went unavailable