hi america! have feelings? me too! i like apples. maybe we get blood borne illness together? sounds delish!

if you want a review copy of Person (a stunning novel about a bi-polar loser living in chicago) or The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home (a stunning sets of plays that are actually edited now!) then email me. you can write a review and then interview me over the phone and i will sexual harass you and we can record it and put it on the internet.

i am also willing to trade both books for a season (any season after one or two) of The O.C. on dvd.


Cassandra Troyan said...

I would like to write a review. I unfortunately do not have season 1 or 2 of The OC.

Nathan Tyree said...

I'd review person for http://trickwithaknife.com/ if you are interersted

Anonymous said...

I have Season 3... Marissa dies... get at me.