i will be going to ohio this weekend to read at the DIT fest. noah cicero, tao lin, and jordan castro will also be reading and there will be bands too. if you want to come to it, then come to it. i'll be the one in the Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt, smoking a live frog.

also, the old shitty edition of SELF ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME is still up on amazon. this is another lie i've been told by six gallery press. i was told it would be taken down. if you want a copy of the old, overpriced, non-rectangular, spelling-error and edits-ignored copy, which i had to buy to see since a proof never happened, then it will still be up for a few days. after that, it will cease to be a thing, and the better copy will soon replace it. the better copy will look nicer and have the edits included so it won't be embarrassing.

also, i read a short novel by cameron pierce a few days ago called THE DESTROYED ROOM. if you are a publisher, email him and ask to read it. it was nice to read.

also, manny pacquiao will fight antonio margarito on november 13. the fight has been confirmed.


pb said...

I'm sorry to hear about six gallery. they have so many great writers, but they seem not to help their writers. Anyway- can't wait to see the new version.

scott mcclanahan said...

Amen, Sam.