waldo geraldo faldo.

i'm writing a short novel to be published in the next issue of THE LIFTED BROW.

if you live in chicago and hgave LSD, give it to me please.

PERSON and SELF ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME will be sent to the printer in a month.

after that, i expect to die of cancer haha!

i'm reading The Executioner's Song and i like it.



really dug yr piece in the new lifted brow. excited for another long'n.

executioner's song is one of my favorites.

Bradley Sands said...

Haven't read any Mailer, but I'm sure the X-cutioner's Song was more awesome. Cable's fought his evil clone. Every issue came polybagged with a special trading card so you would have to buy two so you could read one and take advantage of the collector's value with the other.

sam pink said...

i heard if you beat level three in Battle Toads for reg'lar nintendo without blinking or thinking about your own autopsy, then you get a new brother in real life and you can beat him to death with a golf club and not be legally charged with anything.