a book i wrote called "YOU HEAR AMBULANCE SOUNDS AND THINK THEY ARE FOR YOU" is officially out. i think it's sold out though. but i have a box of them. it's a single poem in a perfect bound book. it looks really nice. the next five people to buy PERSON and send the publisher their receipt (cameroncpierce@gmail.com) will get a free copy of "AMBULANCE SOUNDS" in the mail. or, if you just want to buy a copy of "AMBULANCE SOUNDS" off me, send me five dollars so i can mail it to you.

also, you can help out stephen dierks with his magazine "POP SERIAL." you can donate to his kickstarter page. i have some work in the next issue, along with Tao Lin, Noah Cicero, Heather Christle, Daniel Bailey, Brandi Wells, Ben Brooks, Prathna Lor, Kendra Grant Malone, Matthew Savoca, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Audun Mortensen, Frank Hinton, Ana C., Jordan Castro, Cassandra Troyan, Cody Troyan, Miles Ross, David Fishkind, Brittany Wallace, Andrew James Weatherhead, Carrie Lorig, Feng Sun Chen, Megan Boyle, Brett Gallagher, Steve Roggenbuck.

bradley sands has a new book out and i made the picture on the cover.

i will also trade a book for acid, adderall or ritalin.

have a nice evening.


nightmare atm said...

chapter 17 of person spoke to me in weird ways. i have questions about why you wrote it the way you did. once i told you i would record a video of myself reading a video of yours while doing something crazy and/or stupid. i recently won many $ at a casino. i would like to make good on my promise. but mostly... i want to ask you: why do the 'alternate versions' of chapters? i thought you should have done like, dvd commentaries of the chapters. sam pink: 'yeah, the person was great right here. everybody in the scene was good. we hired most of the extras off the street.'

sam pink said...

i like chapter 17. i'll answer your question after i think about it enough.

stephen said...

thank you, sam. i appreciate it.