muumuu house published three chapters from PERSON.

here are three more things i like on the site 1, 2, 3.

also, the picture above is for noah cicero's upcoming book BEST BEHAVIOR.

i'm working on another short novel like PERSON.

i open a word doc everyday and change it a little.

it feels good to have something to do.

manny pacquiao.

here's a science experiment i did one time: if you eat one or two Oreos and then drink Dr. Pepper and then burp it tastes like you just smoked a cigarette even if you didn't just smoke a cigarette.


walnut teeth

i have copies of books if people want some.

i have copies of "person" "frowns need friends too" "you hear ambulance sounds and think they are for you" and "the self-esteem holocaust comes home. "

if you want a copy of one, email me.

i'm sitting on this fucking merch and i need to sling this shit because it's so hot.

this merch is too fucking hot to be sitting on right now.


i am mailing out the books i owe to people tomorrow.

i feel really fucking sad today.

i made up something called "walnut teeth" and it made me feel a little better.

"walnut teeth" is when you take a walnut (out of the shell) and put it up into your top lip, sideways.

then when you smile it looks like all you have for teeth is this brown rocky mass. also, when you smile, your face stretches a little and makes your face look different.

it seems effective in making people laugh.

seems like dynamite if you have grandchildren or a niece or nephew or friends.


i'm reading this friday at the EAR EATER reading series. here is the promo for it:

"Come to the second installation of the reading series EAR EATER in lovely East Pilsen Chicago.
Friday, November 19 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
1622 South Allport St. Apt. #1
This session is a special POP SERIAL edition for the forthcoming second Issue."

also, i have a bad ear-infection and it hurts. i hope it goes away by itself.



james yeh interviewed me at THE FASTER TIMES.

it's an interview/review.

we talk about PERSON and other things.

the interview features a "candid author-photo following a night of sleeping with wet hair."

seems like a good interview.



it's out.

here it is.

this is the re-release.

six gallery released it a while ago and then it was stopped and now the same press that put out PERSON, Lazy Fascist Press, is re-releasing it.

it has one different play and is more heavily edited.

if you bought the original, i apologize and i am sorry.

but now the pain is over, and we can move on.

it's been almost seven years since the first draft up until now.

it's a weird book.

maybe you will like it.

it's easy to read and has weird shit in it.

it's two hundred pages, and like, so fucking sweet.

there are like, nineteen or so plays/hybrid short stories in the book.

reynard seifert will be putting on one of the plays in san francisco.

i think sean kilpatrick and his lady are going to put one on too.

here is the backcover copy:

"Why are three violent policemen in search of The Greatest Dad in the World?

More importantly, why are two young men at a fast food restaurant talking about freezing bees?

And good god, why are there two young ladies in the backyard during a Halloween party, shaving each others' legs with a piece of a broken jaw bone?

What will become of the old woman who slits her young boyfriend's throat? And why does she give him a calculator for his birthday?

Will anyone survive?

Where will you be when the Self-Esteem Holocaust comes home?"

it seems like a book you might read on a train and then look around at the other people because you feel uncomfortable and upset.

not really sure what i am talking about right now.

Ernest Goes to Africa.