i'm reading this friday at the EAR EATER reading series. here is the promo for it:

"Come to the second installation of the reading series EAR EATER in lovely East Pilsen Chicago.
Friday, November 19 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
1622 South Allport St. Apt. #1
This session is a special POP SERIAL edition for the forthcoming second Issue."

also, i have a bad ear-infection and it hurts. i hope it goes away by itself.


Cassandra Troyan said...

If it doesn't, we are going to drink "Tully Bombs" at the reading, so maybe that will help.

Bradley Sands said...

Sorry you have an ear infection. Perhaps someone will eat your at the reading and you won't have to worry about it anymore. I was up in a plane earlier today and one of my ears got really clogged. I also read your book, Person, when I was up there. Good job.

Jordan Castro said...

i have 'amoxicilan' (sp?) that i can mail to you

i got it for my ear infection

sam pink said...

i think maybe in my experience drinking alcohol makes the ear infection feel like it is goes but then the next day it hurts bad again.

thank you bradley.

jordan, yes please. that would be good.