walnut teeth

i have copies of books if people want some.

i have copies of "person" "frowns need friends too" "you hear ambulance sounds and think they are for you" and "the self-esteem holocaust comes home. "

if you want a copy of one, email me.

i'm sitting on this fucking merch and i need to sling this shit because it's so hot.

this merch is too fucking hot to be sitting on right now.


i am mailing out the books i owe to people tomorrow.

i feel really fucking sad today.

i made up something called "walnut teeth" and it made me feel a little better.

"walnut teeth" is when you take a walnut (out of the shell) and put it up into your top lip, sideways.

then when you smile it looks like all you have for teeth is this brown rocky mass. also, when you smile, your face stretches a little and makes your face look different.

it seems effective in making people laugh.

seems like dynamite if you have grandchildren or a niece or nephew or friends.


Jordan Castro said...

lol, niceeeeeeeeee

Jeff said...

you should make t-shirts. i would buy one.

sam pink said...

i would like to make to shirts. or actually, i dont know.