EVERYDAY GENIUS re-published a haiku i wrote.

also, if i get enough money one day, i think it would be a good idea to write a book called "MEGABUS" where i just take the megabus all over the midwest and write about it.

the megabus is a very cheap bus system that runs all across the midwest.

if anyone else wants to use this idea, just pay me ten dollars and you can have it. no, fifteen dollars.


neon glittery said...
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neon glittery said...

I like this idea. I bet you would meet some interesting people for sure.
it is so cheap, yet still nice, with wireless!
it only cost me $30 via Megabus to ride from Memphis to Chicago. Megabus rules.

Giles Ruffer said...

You have wireless on the megabus? It used to be free if you booked far enough in advance, but that was back when they were actual double-decker buses without seatbelts and high possibilities of motion sickness.

Ben Brooks said...

on the megabus everyone hates everything and becomes friends over it