noah cicero started THE LAKE EFFECT and i'm on it.

tao lin mentioned "PERSON" in SALON magazine.

i read an interview with the editor of "VICE" magazine at thought catalog and it said that he trains in boxing so i sent him an email challenging him to a boxing match. i haven't heard back yet. if he agrees i will try to raise donations so that when i win, Lazy Fascist Press/Me get the money.

i have readings coming up. the orange alert reading is on the 19th at The Whistler. the pop serial reading is on the 21st at Innertown Pub. i'll be standing in the alley before each reading if you want to talk.


Jordan Castro said...

i am reading on the 21st too

i'll be in the alley too

98% chance i'll be on drugs... so .... say nice things and touch me

shaun said...

I will go to the alley on the 21st

steve roggenbuck said...

im excited to see you read on the 21st and probably on the 19th too

i am reading Person now, and it warms my heart to think of your voice reading it

Stephen Tully Dierks said...

psyched for the readings, especially the 21st one