i have books to sell.

i have 20 copies of PERSON (a sizzling hot novel)

4 copies of THE SELF-ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME (plays/short stories that in twenty years, only four people will have admitted reading (including myself and the publisher))

1 copy of FROWNS NEED FRIENDS TOO (sizzling hot poems)

1 copy of YOU HEAR AMBULANCE SOUNDS AND THINK THEY ARE FOR YOU (last copy ever of a book length poem)


i'm working on a novel about working in a target warehouse.


Joey Martin said...

It should include a part where boxes fall on that dog that target used in their commercials a while back

adam moorad said...

thx for the copy of person, sam. good stuff.

The Igloo Oven said...

I'm curious to check out the book of plays. We're they performed anywhere prior or written as plays for literary experimentation? I like the play as a literary form

eric johnson said...

i would like to buy a copy of person