1. here is a guest post from cameron pierce, the editor of Lazy Fascist Press:

"I want to thank everyone who has supported Lazy Fascist by reading one of our books. You are amazing. Since Lazy Fascist launched as an imprint of Eraserhead Press last year, we've broken out to an incredible start. Our bestselling book, Sam Pink's Person, has steadily built up a ton of momentum, receiving excellent coverage from Electric Literature, HTML Giant, The Faster Times, and many other places/people.

With our first releases of 2011 (Sinister Miniatures and Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You), this year looks to be even better for Lazy Fascist. We'll be publishing new work by Sam Pink, Mike Daily, Bradley Sands, Riley Michael Parker, two original anthologies (the first is themed around everyone's favorite sea mammal, the walrus), and other projects to be announced. I hope that Lazy Fascist can provide a home for strange, explosive books like The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home and Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy for years to come.

Now, you might be wondering what you can do to help, and I'm here to tell you: Amazon reviews. As the largest bookseller in the world, Amazon's customer reviews have a lot of influence or what people decide to read, and Amazon does its part as well. The better a book sells through Amazon, the more Amazon will promote it, regardless whether the book was published by a small or major press. It's one of the few places where independents have an opportunity to stand toe to toe with big corporate publishers, and we can do it in the place where the most books are sold. Additionally, Lazy Fascist's authors receive more per copy sold from Amazon than any other bookstore. It's a win-win situation. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to discourage anyone from supporting independent bookstores. No matter where you acquire a book, even if you steal it, you can always write a review for Amazon if you like a book, and that review will help that author sell more books. It's a good thing for everyone.

Thanks so much for reading Sam's work.

I hope you'll follow Lazy Fascist long into the future."

-Cameron Pierce

2. here's a new review of "person."

3. here's a recipe for a gin and tonic:

2 to 3 shots of gin, poured over ice. then add tonic water (with quinine) up to 3/4 of the way. cut a generous wedge of lime and squeeze the juice into the drink, then rub the lime around the rim of the glass and put what's left of the lime in the drink. next, add roughly one or two shot-size portions of lemonade gatorade (or enough to make the drink slightly cloudy looking.) stir with the knife you used to cut the lime.


Cassandra Troyan said...

Are you getting into the character of "repentant, intellectual gin drinker" for your next novel?

DJ Berndt said...

You should try a French 75 sometime. It's basically a gin and tonic but with champagne instead of tonic water. Here are what people have said about it:

Hits with remarkable precision. - Harry Craddock, The Savoy Cocktail Book

It's unclear what makes the French 75 so powerful—maybe it's the combination of liquors— but, whoo boy, do you feel it when you down one! - Jean Shepherd, raconteur and author

(those quotes are actually on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_75_%28cocktail%29 )

scott mcclanahan said...

I love Lazy Fascist books.

Cassandra Troyan said...

DJ, that is THE drink.
No question.

brittany wallace said...

sam pink
i am doing a presentation on you in my creative writing class

sam pink said...

cassandra, i'm going to kill you

dj, i'm going to kill you

scott, i'm going to kill you

brittany, thanks. i look forward to seeing you again this month.

Cassandra Troyan said...

Sam, I look forward to being killed by you.

stephen said...

sam, your mustache

pls kill me