it's cameron pierce's birthday.

one time he sent me an email about how he went out to get food with his wife and she ordered a burrito that had mashed potatoes and broccoli in it and she didn't like it so he ate it for her.


this fall, jannicke stendal and some other people at a university in norway are going to film the first play from The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home. the play is about three policemen who want to ask the greatest dad in the world some questions.



at a food court i saw an old couple arguing. i think they were homeless. the man had a shopping cart full of garbage. he was very skinny and bald, like he had cancer. he kept yelling at the woman. he kept saying, "i told you not to fucking say that word." he was talking in a mean but hushed way. the woman eventually got up and walked away and the look on her face was very very sad. the look on her face was like, "well, ok" and she was trying not to cry. it seemed like she cared about the man. i thought about it all day, and it made me feel awful, like i couldn't function because doing anything felt stupid when someone was that hurt. then later on at night, while i was thinking about it, i started panicking real bad. and it transitioned to thinking about getting my nose bitten off by someone. like, someone biting off all the cartilage and skin. and then i kept panicking when i thought about it. the worst part would be the aftermath, just sitting there with a hole in my face, and the air making it hurt and there'd be nothing i could do until i got to the hospital. thanks to anyone who has bought and/or read any of my books. i appreciate it.


are there any novels that switch between first and second person, referring to the same character.