a novel and a short story collection, this year, from lazy fascist press.

the album "quicksand and cradlesnakes" by califone, is a good album.

wladimir klitschko and david haye, this saturday, for a large portion of the heavyweight championship.

different kinds of sad: "too sad to talk in sentences" "too sad to look up from the floor" "too sad to want sex" "sad where it feels dumb to eat"

this summer sucks.

i re-read "during my nervous breakdown i want a biographer present" and "you are a little bit happier than i am" both good

i really wish i could live off of cutting people's lawns. i'd like to do that all year.

i really wish i was married to a person i loved, and had five to eight kids, and lived nowhere near a city, on a five hundred acre field of grass that i mow for ten hours a day, every day.

actually i dont know.

"it's going to change," i keep thinking, but then find myself the same person as always.

an idea for a talk show where i sit by my window, from three floors up, and say, "hey" to people who pass by on the street below, and then i interview them for as long as they stay.


gena said...

"'it's going to change,' i keep thinking, but then find myself the same person as always."

pretty much...

Jackson Nieuwland said...

Mow my lawn

Patrick Wensink said...

Roots and Crowns is also a kick ass Califone record...so is All My Friends are Funeral Singers...so is, wait, all of them.

scott mcclanahan said...

Can't wait to read the new novel and stories. I'm looking forward to hanging out in Chicago next week.