i'm going to be doing a reading this thursday at a taco bell with larry bird and you should come, there's going to be a "who can hit me in the eye hardest" contest and it'll be great.



barry graham gave me a copy of his new novel NOTHING OR NEXT TO NOTHING at a reading a few days ago. i read it. it was really good. i recommend it.

i have a few copies of I AM GOING TO CLONE MYSELF THEN KILL THE CLONE AND EAT IT. if anyone wants to buy one off me, email me.


coming in august:

THE NO HELLOS DIET ( a novel, lazy fascist press)

HURT OTHERS (short stories, lazy fascist press)

maybe a haircut?

possible suicide?

sex change?


i'm reading this tuesday, july 12th at innertown pub.

barry graham and scott mcclanahan will also be reading.

should be good.

if you come early, i will most likely be drinking in the alley with scott.
PERSON is available on kindle now.


in an episode of 'family matters' i recently watched, carl and harriet winslow were at a charity dance-marathon.

carl hurt his back while dancing.

harriet said, "carl, did your back go out again."

and carl said, "out? harriet, it went on vacation."

then, about a minute later, everyone in the room was on the dancefloor, dancing to the song "can't touch this" by mc hammer.


a novel and a short story collection, this year, from lazy fascist press.

the album "quicksand and cradlesnakes" by califone, is a good album.

wladimir klitschko and david haye, this saturday, for a large portion of the heavyweight championship.

different kinds of sad: "too sad to talk in sentences" "too sad to look up from the floor" "too sad to want sex" "sad where it feels dumb to eat"

this summer sucks.

i re-read "during my nervous breakdown i want a biographer present" and "you are a little bit happier than i am" both good

i really wish i could live off of cutting people's lawns. i'd like to do that all year.

i really wish i was married to a person i loved, and had five to eight kids, and lived nowhere near a city, on a five hundred acre field of grass that i mow for ten hours a day, every day.

actually i dont know.

"it's going to change," i keep thinking, but then find myself the same person as always.

an idea for a talk show where i sit by my window, from three floors up, and say, "hey" to people who pass by on the street below, and then i interview them for as long as they stay.