i dont have a computer anymore.

if anyone has a relatively unshitty laptop that you'd be willing to sell for very cheap, or trade for something, let me know.

the only thing that i own that is actually worth the same as a laptop, is a set of speakers. it's two speakers, each a 2 X 15 with a built-in cone.

other than that, i have a gym mat that i sleep on, a small box of books and drawings, and a cat named Rontel, but i can't trade him because he acts crazy if i'm not around.

i'd also be willing to make a "clean your house anytime" coupon for you.

email me, sampinkisalive@gmail.com

i look forward to being asked if i'm gay in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

are you gay?

shaun said...

i have a laptop that is very shitty (very slow, battery life is <60 seconds so you have to leave it plugged in, the A key pops off nearly every time you press it) but it has working wifi and microsoft word and that crap. i will sell it to you for the cost of shipping if you are willing to put up with that bullshit

shaun said...

actually i just remembered, if you are still Hard Up 4 Net in the next few weeks, i'll be real near chicago october 5-10 so i could just give it to you in person for free then

joe bussiere said...

this blog post seemed homo

Anonymous said...

As a man, this post left me attracted to you.

No homo.

sam pink said...

anonymous, i haven't gone through puberty yet.

shaun, that sounds good. email me when you are in chicago.

joe and anonymous, this post really made me want to fuck a dude.

Lisa Douglass said...

i like you. i think you are weird and funny and the kind of alien that most people are afraid of. that makes you my secret weirdo friend who doesn't know he's my friend. like a cyber friend who is watched but doesn't know that they are. WAVES HANDS AND STANDS NAKED IN THE STREET TRYING TO BE NOTICED. anyway, i love you in the strangest way possible. the way you use words to say things that no one else says. you are amazing. too cliche?