hey there was a slight problem with the cover of "hurt others" but it is fixed now. if you already bought it, you can cut me at my next reading.

how's everyone doing.


Nathan DePriest said...

got my package ToDay, yeah bitches. took a peak inside and was all: me likey! i'm going to enjoy them slowly this weekend, each sentence like a sip of the finest (mental) prison-toilet-wine. the flaw in Hurt Others cover is of tolerable fucked-up-ed-ness, so no lacerations or eviscerations. Do some readings! i will take the train from Ann Arbor and pony up for lodging just to get drunk and hear some shit from the horse's mouth. Oh yeah, and sign my book or you Will get cut

shaun said...

i'm doing well except that when i got my copy of hurt others the cover made me barf so thanks sam thanks for the barfing

DJ Berndt said...

shaun loves to barf, he wasn't being sarcastic.