i just got an email from someone offering to sell me the domain name "extremedepression.com"

it wasn't a spam email.

does anyone have 475 dollars so i can buy "extremedepression.com"

how's everyone feeling, everyone all right?

i bought a pair of pants at the salvation army yesterday. it's the best pair of pants i have ever owned. i'm being serious. they have the perfect combination of "ass" and "genital" room. i've worn them every day since i bought them, even to sleep. when i was buying them, a homeless man threatened to kill me. he was smiling though.

i feel very interested in doing readings. if you want to me to read in chicago, let me know. i'll fucking come to your apartment even if no one is there. i'll read in an alley. i'll read to you while you stand on the sidewalk and i lean out my bedroom window.

how's everyone doing. everyone ok?

extreme depression.

am i going to die this winter?


Ken Baumann said...

holding it down, very good

Nathan DePriest said...

read some of no hellos this morning at starfucks, laughing like a lunatic to myself in the corner... ever laugh at a book in public just as someone else bursts out laughing in conversation and you self-consciously think "Hey! I'm not laughing at you, I'm trying to read over here!"...heh,heh. waah

scott mcclanahan said...

Bless Sam Pink and his beautiful pants.

sam pink said...

ken baumann's doing good everyone. doing good.

nathan de priest, i laugh in public but usually not while reading. i'll just think of something, like, walking up some stairs and falling through the wooden handrailing to the floor.

scott, how's everyone doing.

Nathan DePriest said...

so i'm at taco bell behind this lady waiting for the rest of her to-go order and she drops two sauce packets on the floor and in my head i'm like 'i know you heard that.' i imagine myself saying
'excuse me, you dropped your sauce packets'
and she's like 'I don't give a SHIT!' stomping on the packets and spraying sauce-jism on her shoes and floor.
sure enough, she left them there... i resisted the urge to stomp on them

sam pink said...

i feel like lately, i've become good at picking up things that i drop. i used to just leave the things there, but now i can't shake the feeling that leaving them there is wrong. i am becoming an adult.

cameron pierce said...

Sam Pink is becoming an adult.

qave hudson said...

Sam Pink, not die this winter, make it and live fifty thrifty years, upon his death he say, " It's okay with me if I go on living, but If I die now, I won't be really sad." Hey, you may not be, but what about the rest of us?! And come read in ohio you silly person. But no seriously, the domain name... naw way, wouldn't do it.

gustavo.rivera said...

yeah, being an adult is nerve wrecking, and when everyone around you isn;t, the feeling is very poignant.

yesterday i bought new walking shoes, some old school white reeboks, and some skecthers boots to prep op for winter. i was not ready last year.

still slowly pushing towards our goal.

how are you, senyor rosita, tu existencia, te animina?

sam pink said...

qave,thanks. i will be back in ohio at some point.

gustavo, i'm ok. winter is coming.

Caroline Thompson said...

read to me on FaceTime