two things

"frowns need friends too" is out of print for a little bit. it will be out again through lazy fascist press sometime soon.

also, i have four days or two hundred minutes left on my awesome prepaid phone. if anyone wants to record a phone interview to put on the internet, email me. it would have to be in the next four days and you would have to record it. think of the possibilities!



Nathan DePriest said...

would definitely like to see Clone re-issued, don't got that one. hopefully Cicero will get Burning Babies and Treatise re-issued sometime, don't got those either

Jackson Nieuwland said...

Sam, hook Noah up with Lazy Fascist. For the good of mankind. You are our only hope. We're screwed

gustavo.rivera said...

dam, it's 2 late. i misd this and we misd our chance to document history. nxt time email me, and we'll produce: "the writer and his translator, a 'discourse'"