here is a good review of THE NO HELLOS DIET

the character "Sour Cream" seems to be loved by many

also, if anyone brings a gun to the EAR EATER reading this saturday, i'll seriously either shoot myself or jordan castro with it.

also, i just finished writing the best book of american poetry ever written. it's called "north america, i hate you."

which gang is better, "vicelords" or "latin kings." they are fighting in uptown and i need to know which side to join.

i feel like "not giving a fuck" is something people say and then at some point you realize it's true and it's not as fun as it seemed when you were just saying it.

"person" is being translated into turkish i think but the press has stopped talking to me. "clone" is being translated into Argentinian spanish. if anyone else wants to translate some books and pay me for it or not, email me.

there's an abandoned store in uptown, right by the wilson red line, and it's boarded up and gated shut and there's a handpainted sign above it that reads "Internet Chat Room." it seems fucking terrifying.

i'm really depressed but i feel violent and angry.

american youth in chicago, no friends, no career, and no ambition.

"the coachwhips" and "meth teeth" are pretty good bands though.



shaun said...

pretend i'm winking at you right now

Jackson Nieuwland said...

i reckon vice mag would probably pay you to write a column about being a member of the vicelords. maybe look into that

DJ Berndt said...

you can't see it, but I just winked.

The Igloo Oven said...

Vicelords are probably better, they're the ones with the Pittsburgh Pirates colors right?

Jordan Castro said...

just watched some shit about the vicelords and one of them said 'jo' in it

too bad no one brought a gun to the reading...feel like if poetry people were more frequently strapped and/or harder in general, or if there were a higher chance of me being killed, i'd be more attend readings more frequently

i'd like to know what went/goes down at the fight if you went/are going

andrew worthington said...

i am a disciple or