video interview at htmlgiant

click the title to see a video interview stephen tully dierks did with me at htmlgiant. i can't link it in the post for some reason.

i say "like" a lot in the interview.

i can't believe that's what i look like/sound like.

i need to change my fucking life.


Kyle Joseph said...
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Kyle Joseph said...

dude, good interview. i couldnt believe thats what you looked like either. i kid, i kid. my grandma doesnt understand that blogger is a place where have blogs so i cannot buy your books until after christmas. dont blame her. she is a sweet, sweet woman.

ill give you my money soon. you earned it. get some chipots or summin. and keep writing.

azurfemme said...

Yeah you do say like a lot. But that's alright, there are worse crimes. I was happy to see what you look and sound like. I just found you and all this. I think you sound like a good and thoughtful person. I liked what you said about coming across things and thinking "this is important." I do that.
Merry Christmas Sam Pink. Maybe someday I will have you make me a book. I would like that :)

sam pink said...

kyle and azurefemme, thank you. you both seem like people i would consider strangling then not do it.

Cassandra Troyan said...

you've got a pretty handsome ass mug for someone who goes around threatening to strangle everyone.

I.Am.Robot said...

I will never be as sexy or have a such magnificent moustache the likes of Sam Pink.

This makes me a little sad.

carolineruththompson said...

My dad used to fine me and my brother a dime every time we said "like" incorrectly in a sentence. You'd be fucked if we played that game.
Although I'd pay it all back to you for a mustache ride.