i finished the edits on two new books that will be out soon through lazy fascist press. i will post the covers soon.

tent revivalist recordings is going to put out a cassette tape of me reading various things. all their tapes look really nice.

today someone mentioned a hot dog place in chicago called "flukeys" and when i said i had never heard of it he said, "damn i should shoot you in the head" and i laughed really hard.

here is an essay i wrote for a new site called "bulk culture."

a lot of times on the red line train i stand in the back facing the rest of the car because then i don't feel surrounded. today when i saw all the faces looking back at me i heard a spaceship captain say, "we have encountered hostile beings, prepare for forcefield of frowning stare." then i heard a sound like a forcefield was surrounding me.

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You must endure public anonymity with a stern expression at Alert Level Orange.