i created a bandcamp site for the band i'm in, DEPRESSED WOMAN.

i posted the instrumental versions of six songs i wrote. i'll post the versions with vocals in them and the tracks my boy wes made soon. we haven't recorded vocals yet because we don't have a practice space. if you want to imagine the vocals, just imagine someone yelling over the music.

the six songs are part of an e.p. called LORD, LET THE VIOLENCE RETURN TO CHICAGO.

here are the titles of the six songs and my thoughts on them.


so sweet. honestly feel like i want to cover my fist in cocaine and punch someone in the face to this. also feel like this one is my best chance to sell to fifa sports for big $.


for some reason when i hear this one, i imagine an all black room, with a girl in a bikini dancing, and me dancing behind her. fun fact: this track is named after wes's boss.


seriously fat shit. makes me want to join a gang then once i'm in just immediately kill myself.


listening to it as i type this. this seems like the 'druggiest' of the bunch. again, feel the need to cover my fist in cocaine and punch someone. huh!


some serious club shit. this beast has three testicles and they're coated in cocaine (because i'd previously coated my fist in cocaine and punch the beast's testicles). feel like the end of this song is "beautiful as fuck."


honestly don't know what to say about this. i can see this one played in the background of a WB teen show where someone is confronted with peer pressure to try new drugs. and then i walk in and punch someone with a cocaine coated fist.

(end thoughts on songs)

they're all free to download. they're wav files, which sound good, then you can download them as mp3s, which sound not as good. either way, listen to them with good headphones/speakers, because the bass will kill you. i'm proud of all of them!

depressed woman. 2012. have us play at your apartment/studio/birthday party. it's just me and wes and a fourtrack playing the music while we dance and sing. wes will also wear an all khaki suit and a cowboy hat (he's from texas). we have a big p/a/ system too.


hannah b said...

the songs are all really nice
dey go hard
'i dont like any of your friends' is like someone in a black cape is doing all these circular arm movements that look like the word 'conjuring'

scott mcclanahan said...

Sam, We need to work this into our reading tour. I have my own group--Holler Boys. We can open for Depressed Woman. Seriously. It will happen.

sam pink said...

feel like i agree about that song. at first i didn't know how i felt about it. then one day i listened to it really loud and it felt good. felt like i actually almost 'shook my booty' without knowing it. scott, that sounds nice. honestly seems like we'll all get arrested.

Rorshak (1313) said...

I'm listening right now. I'm enjoying what I'm hearing so far.

You should write a novel about walking around punching people with a cocaine covered fist. I'd read the shit out of that.

DeWitt said...

I just listened to one of these on my phone at Wal-mart and a guy told me to shut the fuck up but his wife was smiling a lot. Smiling a lot, a lot. I was listening to him, but looking at her.

jereme said...

Don't really want to ever hear the music tracks after reading the descriptions.

#5 is my spirit animal.

sam pink said...

"who shotcha but ya punks couldn't finish/now y'about to feel the wrath of a menace"