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DeWitt said...

Hello, I am a major publisher. Thank you for sending us your manuscript, but as you can see it has no cog space filling properties. So we have no choice but to burn the fuck out of it, never letting it see the light of day. We transplanted an orphans eyes into the cover page of your manuscript just before we burned the fuck out of it, just to be sure it never saw the light of day. Don't feel bad. We raise these orphans in total darkness just for this purpose. They want us to have them gouge out their own eyes, sew them onto manuscripts of hopeful writers, and then burn their own eyes to death along with the reject pile. Your orphan's name was samantha. We called her Sam, which was just a coincidence. Haha. You just have to laugh. It's a small world after all. 

Anyway, please don't be discouraged. Many authors have had their submissions denied only to be published by us later. Please consider submitting to us in what we will call the future. Plenty of orphans in the happy herd. Plenty. 

DeWitt said...

Just as justice.

sam pink said...

always with the orphans.