i no longer have a job. if anyone wants me to draw something for them and/or make a book and/or do something for money, email me. sampinkisalive@gmail.com i am also willing to beat someone up for you (within chicago limits, otherwise fare must be provided). also, i know how to paint interiors and exteriors really well. i'm good at manual labor in general. i'm also willing to be a "decoy" date of some kind (ie, for prom, to make someone else jealous, fool your parents, et cetera). the future is now. chi-town where we die town. 773, uptown. who is you. i just want to ball til i fall. i need to keep balling, until i fall down. once i fall, i will know that i have balled enough. what else. i think i can still do a "180 flip" on a skateboard too, if someone wants to pay me to do that. i'm also willing to make t-shirts for people. like, i'll just draw on a t shirt for you. what else. the future is now. what did people think of 'no one can do anything worse to you than you can.' what did people think of cotto/mayweather. i think people should come to chicago for a reading on may 20th and we'll do it downtown during the nato summmit and all the rioting. i want to get gassed then try to keep reading. lastly, does anyone have a link to download the black dice albums "load blown" and "mr impossible"


Anonymous said...




nightmare atm said...

black dice are awesome.

i was just in chi-town and thought of contacting you but we don't know each other so i ended up in rosemont with some young speed-addicted navy seal walking thru swamps after the thunder storms.

so it was like i almost hung out with you.

Nathan Springer said...

how much would you charge for some sort of 'album art'

sam pink said...

anon, thanks

nightmare atm, rosemont (shee yit)

nathan, email me