i like in the post-fight interview for lewis vs tyson, lennox lewis taps his heart with his glove and says, "can't no one test dis guy."


email me if you live in chicago and have adderall you'd like to trade for drawings/money/my blood. 

remember "huffing"


motherfuckers at staples cut off the sides a little but it's cool. 


was just alerted to a negative review of 'hurt others' on amazon, in which the person says they want their eleven dollars back.  couldn't find an email address but if you are that person and you want your money back, email me and i'll mail you eleven dollars.  not trying to be a dick, just really want to mail the eleven dollars back. 



want to hurt myself in a new and exciting way.  like, not cutting myself, not hitting myself, but something new.  i keep imagining lying on my back and screaming until, from the inside out, i rip into pieces and it hurts really bad.  i've also considered headbutting a wall (but like, knocking on the wall to make sure i hit a crossbeam).  you thought i was going to say "make sure i DON'T hit a crossbeam" didn't you.  haha.  kill you.  i'm going to hit "preview post" now to make sure this looks good.  fuck chicago and fuck everyone here.  


someone should make a "30 likely to die before 30" anthology. 


this was the original cover for "the no hellos diet"
if anyone wants to buy it off me, or any other drawings, i have a lot.