FROWNS NEED FRIENDS TOO will be out again soon. 

sept 27th-30th i'll be reading in ohio, kentucky, indiana and chicago, with scott mc clanahan and jordan castro. 

if anyone wants to buy drawings off me, email me   sampinkisalive@gmail.com     all the drawings two posts below this one are for sale.  RENT MONEY

just turned my head and looked out the window and stared for almost a minute. 

heard more gunshots by my place last night than i've heard all other nights combined. 

this summer i had food poisoning, sun poisoning and poison ivy.  just thought, "yeah now how about some REAL poison, son." 

have a nice day everyone. 


Anonymous said...

where/when are you guys gonna be in ohio

Mike said...

Both tried to be down with O.P.P. / Ain't nuttin' wrong but he got caught with the poison ivy

jereme said...

You haven't survived marriage poisoning yet.

invisiblemandy said...

Where at in Indiana?