i wrote two things.

one is a novel called RONTEL.  it takes place in a 36 hour period.  it's an odyssey.  preview:  another book about being a grown up with mental problems in chicago.  perhaps evidence the author is washed up?  just saying.   

the other is a collection of really short stories/"flash" fiction. it's called GERALD MC CLELLAN VS NIGEL BENN, i think.  i'm going to publish it myself.  i'm going to print it out and bind it.  it'll only be available through me.  preview:  it's not that good!    no i'm kidding.  it's decent.    

i have a lot of drawings to scan and post too.

if anyone knows of any dishwashing jobs in chicago, email me    sampinkisalive@gmail.com 

if anyone in chicago wants me to clean their apartment wearing some kind of costume, i'll do that too.

roy jones jr and floyd mayweather jr are the only two boxers in compubox history to go an entire round without getting hit.


Anonymous said...

washed up?


jereme said...

I'm more interested in knowing which fighters have been punched the most and still won the match.

No pride.

sam pink said...

the two fights i thought of were "jc chavez vs meldrick taylor" and "gatti vs ward"

jereme said...

Man, yes. Now I gotta go peep that gotti vs ward fight, like, right now.

I think a worthwhile runner-up is castillo vs corrales.

Warrior shit.

sam pink said...

damn can't believe i forgot corrales vs castillo. the first time i saw that fight and every time after, it gives me like, a huge feeling of excitement in my chest. i like when corrales starts spitting out his mouthpiece to get more time, then one time he goes to his corner for a new mouthpiece and his trainer is like "you have to knock him out" with a stern look on his face.