come see us read tomorrow in columbus ohio. 

skylab gallery, 11pm. 

we're the bright future of american literature. 

i heard there will be chips. 



9/27  columbus ohio  at the skylab gallery  11pm
9/28  louisville kentucky  at second story books 7pm
9/29  indianapolis indiana   at indy reads books  7pm
9/30  chicago illinois  at 1925 n whipple  7pm


also, here's a video of paul williams.  he was a boxer who recently got into a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed.  felt really emotional watching this video.  


have another fucking ear infection.

can't hear out of my left ear.

only ringing.

feel like hearing isn't going to return this time.

if you have amoxicillin (sp?) and would like to trade it for something:   sampinkisalive@gmail.com

if you have amoxicillin (sp?) and wouldn't like to trade it, i understand, but fuck you.

(just thought about how it'd be funny if someone in chicago emailed me that they wanted to trade amoxicillin (sp?) then met up with me and went to hand it to me then let it slip from their fingers into a gutter, saying "ooops" in an exaggerated way, smiling with their eyebrows raised.)

also, the lyrics are up at the young family bandcamp page. 


this is an email review of NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING WORSE TO YOU THAN YOU CAN, by steve anwyll. 

when i read my copy of no one can do anything worse to you than you can it makes me feel terrible. i don't mean that when i read it the words invoke bad 'feelings' inside of me, but that it physically makes me feel gross.

it's something about the cover. certain cats, when i pet them, seem to suck all the moisture out of my hands and naturally leave a bad taste in my mouth. the cover of the aforementioned book has the same effect. it makes for a hard time reading it. i am unsure of how to grasp it.

thought you'd like to know that your book is causing someone physical discomfort.

i'm going to have to check amazon for some reading mittens.


Boxer Carmen Basilio Sitting in His Room after Winning a Fight Premium Photographic Print


5 things

1.  i'll openly endorse anyone who writes a book/chapbook/whatever that's titled "i hate my generation."

2.  been thinking, "control your bitch" (as myself addressing myself) when i'm out walking/doing whatever.

3.  i'll clean apartments in chicago for money or food.

4.  mike kleine wrote mastodon farm and it's out today.  

5.  i'm interested in writing a television show where, it's like macguyver, except the macguyver-type character is always thwarting the Latin Kings, and the macguyver-type character can do/solve almost everything except s/he can't fight that well and s/he gets beat up at least once in every episode.  


i'm selling all the drawings/paintings i have for 35 dollars each (plus shipping if you live outside the united states).  the drawings are all really nice.  sampinkisalive@gmail.com


got a public drinking ticket while getting drunk with a group of homeless guys last night.

we talked about mortal kombat and what we'd do if we were on the planes during 9/11.

if anyone wants to buy drawings/whatever, email me   sampinkisalive@gmail.com

need money to pay off this bitch ass ticket.

willing to sell drawings for cheap cheap cheap (hear those little bird savings, cheap cheap cheap!)

also willing to do packages.

such as "the rontel package" (includes cover art for forthcoming novel "rontel" as well as pdf of almost finalized novel, as well as the skull of my cat rontel, jk! except for eveerything before the skull thing)

the "pdf" package, (includes pdfs of all my books, including "rontel")

the hand written package (where i handwrite one of my books in its entirety)

the "blood package" (where you can specify an amount of blood you'd like to drink out of me)

the chi-city package (where i take you on a guided tour of my fav chitown spots, and then wash your car in short shorts/no shirt)

the "hitman" package (where, no questions asked, you give me a target and i "do the business')

the "phone buddy" package where i borrow someone's phone and call you up every night for a week and we talk

the "i'll convert to any religion" package (you pick it, i stick with it!)

or anything else!  

broke/going nowhere/washed up/chicago bum


is there any way to get a recording of the guy from mortal kombat saying "finish him" every time someone enters this website. 


RONTEL (a novel)


CHICAGO, IL. (always ever all days death before dishonor)


here's a drawing.  it's 11 by 18.


i have some writing in this bmx magazine.
does anyone outside of chicago use either of these phrases to mean "get beat up"

1. getting tuned-up

2. beat the brakes off him/her


science fiction book about a guy who finds himself detached from life and doesn't technically exist anymore but can't die until he erases all evidence he ever existed.  climax scene where he goes back in time to his childhood and tries to bleach the fingerprints off his childhood toys then becomes angered he can't bleach his reflection off the toy and he keeps trying to bleach his reflection off but he can't and then he just lies on the floor screaming and trying to catch the screams to erase them too but they gel together to form himself as a child again and he has to live his life again and he never dies.   title: Autobiography



FROWNS NEED FRIENDS TOO is in print again, sucka.  this edition is different from the last one.  the poems are more edited and there's an introduction by hollywood shitstain jereme dean. also, this is the book "love story" is from, which muhfuckas seem to like.  hopefully this book moves me closer to one of my two goals.  my first goal is to have my picture in a magazine, where i'm standing in front of a crowd and i'm shirtless, screaming into a microphone that i hold up to my mouth with my arm at a right angle.  my second goal is to be killed by someone at a reading, preferably female and preferably with a knife in the chest.  then as i fall i'll say, "nice work, sucka." 


good job mallory on the flyer