the next five people to buy something from this post on kelly schirmann's tumblr, i'll email you the instrumental versions of the seven songs on the king cobra ep.  no one except for kelly and also matthew donahoo have heard them i think. 


also, i met nat baldwin last year and i like him.
perceived whistling sound of breathing through still slightly broken/fucked up nose as the distant sound of a song with a female singer, for about thirty seconds. 


"rontel" is coming out on valentine's day.

feel pretty good about this haircut i gave myself yesterday. makes me look less like someone who will have to be taken care of for the rest of my life.

also, i'm sorry if i've unintentionally hurt anyone i've met in the last few years.  feel like i hurt a lot of feelings/acted insensitively but i didn't/don't mean to.

at the same time, in about an hour i will probably not have feelings again.

happy new year.  


keep imagining putting my fingers into my mouth, one by one, then biting each one at the base and pulling it out so all the skin and stuff comes off.