here's an article about a new library in new york.  i think they have a print copy of 'gerald mcclellan vs nigel benn.'  

also, i have a really shitty tattoo gun/kit/whatever it's called.  if anybody on this upcoming tour has clean needles and some ink i'll do tattoos for people.  i did a few on myself years ago and they look really shitty but maybe that can become the cool thing, having shitty looking tattoos. like people can scoff at people who have nicely done tattoos. (i don't know i'm just trying to figure out ways to pay for food.)

also, if anybody knows how to do this let me know.  but i want to have it so whenever someone opens an email from me it plays a quick recording of a tupac laugh.  like where he goes, "eh ah ah ah."

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Anonymous said...

I got mine today and today is my birthday. Thanks dude (or whoever did that)