walked into a large public bathroom yesterday and it was just me and this other guy.  the other guy was standing in front of a mirror dancing to the music being played over the p/a/ and he was going, 'aw yeah' and other things like he was having a nice time and i smiled and nodded a little, like 'hell yeah, get it' and then when i went into a stall i heard him suddenly and loudly go, 'whoop whoop' and then 'chicken chicken' (or 'shiggin shiggin' not sure which) and then he started talking to himself like, 'see that's what they keep asking me, that is....really that is the ultimate question.' 

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sam pink said...

also if anyone knows where i can get a free copy of either 'adrenaline rush' or 'mobstability' by 'twista' then email me, i lost both of those.