if anyone knows how to promote music or wants to help promote YOUNG FAMILY, email me.  we have someone helping with the mastering now so pretty soon when the 'king cobra ep' comes out it will sound better.  we're also getting 'you ruined it' remastered.  if you want a free cd to do a write up, or want to talk to me and kelly email me.  of if you know places for me to send free cds, let me know. don't do it for me, do it for kelly, she has typhoid fever.  


kelly schirmann said...

ever tried writing lyrics while jacked up on the typhoid? next level, dudes. triple platinum, dudettes.

jereme said...

I listened to the "you ruined it" songs for the third time today and realized how racist the bleeps and bloops used are.

Fuck you.

kelly schirmann said...

just reached crucial 'final editing stage' for kc4 in which i turn on my itunes visualizer, mob on some dried cherries, & take notes at the places where i go 'fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck' involuntarily

sam pink said...

i bit a piece of a painful scab off my hand today and then spit it out but it flew onto my sweatshirt and just stuck there and it was like, 'oh brother'

jereme said...

I observed the following things during my morning dog walk:

a grandmother selling 3 rocker chairs on the sidewalk.

crude graffiti that said "BURRITOS ARE FUCKING COOL"

a small mexican man smashing a bulldozer into the remnants of an abandoned korean church.

copious amounts of dog shit.

a 1983 buick le sabre billowing weed smoke out of its windows.

the homeless sleeping in.

Felt like a tuesday. Also totally wold have tried to get that gilf's digits if I wasn't in a relationship.

sam pink said...

on a walk the other day i saw a guy just standing by a major road and he was holding his fist out towards the road. he was just standing there.