i'll be reading at ohio state university with scott mcclanahan on may 2. 

i promise not to black out/get sick from drugs for this reading/all future readings. 

i'm serious, it's going to be good. 

i feel excited about not blacking out anymore. 


John Davies said...

Dear Sam Pink.

I thoroughly enjoy your musings....beautiful rot.
If at anytime you are compelled towards idleness, glance an eye over my scribblings. I am imbued with bile that somehow seems to creep to the page in the
form of a poetic vom-lette.....as to whether my verse resonates; I care not. I just wish to share some of my thoughts.


lindsey said...

don't be ashamed of blacking out; it happens to the best of us, at least several times a week for some.
you and scott should do a reading at virginia tech, just my 2 cents.

Raymond Thimmes said...

Where at OSU? I'll bring the whiskey.

sam pink said...

blacking out seems bad to me now. just thought, 'it's over between me and you blakcing out, i'm done, i can't do this.'

not sure where the reading is at. but i think if you look deep enough, you'll find the reading is in your heart, you bitch ass ho.

Auraline said...

no, you're supposed to say, "i want out of whatever we're in" to blacking out. give rontel a rub for me.

sam pink said...

check please!