inspecting the truly shitty haircut i gave myself, i noticed myself thinking, "well, you really did it this time, chuckles."


Anonymous said...

Why do you post this? I don't mean I don't think you should, I was moderately entertained? reading it, but on a more basic level I'm just trying to get why you put this out. Onto the written world. I dunno I'm drugged and I never did tweets or blogs or stuff and never really comment on shit. Also, for anyone else - I don't care about your theories about Twitter and snapchats and Whteverr, . I'm more intrigued by why sam in particular, in this particular instance would 'publish' this, or maybe you have no reason at all just why the hay not?

sam pink said...

wait, you're 'drugged?'

do you need help?

not joking.

seriously seems like that suggests you're tied up in a basement somewhere.

i'm imagining you tied up and drugged but you manage to 'squiggle' off the chair you're tied to and wiggle your hips to get your phone out and then you struggle, but manage, to write the above comment into your phone with your hands still bound

Anonymous said...

date rape