this is the james toney interview transcribed in 'rontel.'  i recommend looking up all james toney's interviews on youtube.  his shittalking is.... (almost said, 'like a fine cognac' but i dont think i've ever had fine cognac).  i also recommend watching the fight this interview is from 'holyfield vs toney.'

also, if anyone wants to commission me to write articles on the following things, i'd probably do it:

1. selected reactions to some of twista's lyrics
2. this quote
3. reviews of any episode of 'saved by the bell' (you pick/serialized?)
4. an ongoing look at aspects of boxing that might be appealing to non-fans (serialized?)
5. profiling someone's younger sibling (think about it:  "Blocks, Legos, and Tears: A Day with [name of sibling]"

also, i liked this article


Anonymous said...

Too bad this moron Toney is a pitiful punch drunk bankrupt fool now who is going down to Australia to get knocked out for a payday.

Karma is a bitch,eh?

sam pink said...

yeah but like, he was a champion fighter who fought over 80 fights and had amazing boxing skills, and you're an anonymous commenter on a largely unknown writer's blog.

jereme said...

I found this post extremely racist.

sam pink said...

you big dummy

jereme said...

Just clutched my heart while looking up at the heavens.

lindsey said...

bottom line, fuck 'em.