i have two copies of 'hurt others' if anybody wants to buy one.   sampinkisalive   at  gmail  dot com.

EDIT:  if you want a copy of 'hurt others' you can have it for free if you agree to mail it to someone else after you read it.  after you read it, let me know and i'll put something up about who wants it and you can mail it to that address.

also, this is 'pig destroyers' facebook. can someone figure out how to contact them.  i want to mail them books.   


TNae Wilcox said...

Hi Sam,

Is it possible for me to get a copy of that 'Hurt Others' that's floating from email to email. I'm new to reading this genre, and I see your name a lot when it's talked about so I thought I'd give it a try.

Thank you,

sam pink said...

hello. thank you for asking. i already mailed out both copies but i will have one of the people mail you a copy when they're done. also, email me, i have something for you