when you're at the park by yourself playing soccer with a semi-deflated ball, don't worry when a group of your 'peers' assembles around  you.  just keep juggling the soccer ball as a trendy girl lays out a blanket and her zany male friends--most of them dressed as either a 1950s greaser/biker but with a nicely trimmed beard and full arm tattoos or an 80s glam rocker with feathered/styled/dyed hair and full arm tatoos--begin to play with water balloons around  you.  just keep juggling the soccer ball until they notice you're not going to move.  just wait until they move somewhere else. keep juggling the semi-deflated soccer ball.  after they're gone, and someone runs by with a dog, watch how the dog's ears and tongue keep going up and down, like the dog is flying.  and think about you should be able to remember the ears and tongue going up and down, no matter where you are/what's going on, and that should be enough.  think, "that's all there is." 

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