YOUNG FAMILY interview.


jereme said...

Crystal Castles falls in to the brooding genius/pixie girl category.

sam pink said...

i dont think i'll feel satisfied until someone compares us to pantera. like, "many are saying, they're Pantera 2."

kelly schirmann said...

i want to go straight to pantera 3. sequels are the worst.

sam pink said...

i want to go toe to toe with phil anselmo and then share a big ol' pinch of big league chew 'swingin sour apple' with him afterwards.

jereme said...

There's this cokehead-burnout buttrocker who lives in a small room behind the "peter lorre" house on my street.

His name is Nate.

Nate has red hair and all of his clothing choices are the same as the axel rose wardrobe collection '89.

Nate despises Pantera. Like, anytime you bring Pantera up he looks down to his feet then emphatically says "fuck pantera!"

Nate was in some band who opened for them or some shit and he had a bad experience because they didn't like him or, I dunno, something fucking gay like that.

It's difficult for me to absorb bullshit.

Anyways, I think you guys need a tambourine player.

<--is willing to wear belly shirts while slamming the ol' tambo against my hairy gut.

Talk to my agent if interested.

jereme said...

Also, think "Pantera 4: This Time it's Personal" would be a good title for your next album.

I mean, if you guys don't hate each other in the near future and break up before a next album.

kelly schirmann said...

both of you need to tape ya goddamn titties down, ok?

jereme said...

(looks down at titties)

Man, I hope Kelly likes me.