if they made "Raid Insect Spray" scented deodorant i'd wear deodorant. 


lazy fascist press is going to release all the poems i wrote from 2007 to present as 'the collected suicide notes' this year, in hardcover.


keep thinking about a detective in a 'hard-boiled noir' book and right after talking to a suspect, the detective thinks something like, "everybody had a story, except most of them were as reliable as the pocket on a pair of umbros." 


this is the back and front cover to the cassette release of 'you ruined it' coming out in a few weeks.  like, it's not supposed to be doubled up or whatever, but you get it. 


if anyone wants to buy this drawing email me  sampinkisalive   at   gmail.com

it's 3 feet by 3 feet.

it's on some kind of wood/pressboard material.

i have this one too. it's like 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet and it's on sheetrock.


much love to all my people pulling the hair on the sides of their head while going 'fffffffffffff' with their teeth over their bottom lip then grinding their teeth then punching themselves in the face.



we just uploaded new mixes of $$ and $$$ to the bandcamp, in place of the older mixes.

they sound a lot better now.  a little more bass and snap fo ya titties.

recommended for:  people who plan on listening to the songs more

not recommended for: people who don't plan on that

in about two weeks, "you ruined it" will be available on cassette in limited quantity, with original artwork, through Dazzleship Records.

"the king cobra ep" is finished and will be released sometime after that.


o'girl lina zoo and i made an art magazine with our drawings in it. 

here is a quick video of it

here is lina's paypal.   lina.charolastra@gmail.com  

she's selling it for five dollars. 

if she sells enough of them, and we meet our goal, we can both go to science camp this summer. 


sometimes when i'm on craigslist i imagine a young craig in his room, laboring over his list, and then right outside his window, his enemy pulls up on a bike, and the girl craig likes is on the back of the bike holding onto craig's enemy, and craig's enemy is wearing those old blue and red 3D glasses, and craig's enemy says, "heyyyy craig, still working on that stewpit list?  give it up man, nobody cares about that shit, looooooooser" and then he rings his bike bell and drives away laughing a high-pitched bully laugh, like, 'hih hih!' and craig looks down at his list and says, "one day, they'll care." 



rontel had a sister named lola.  i got them together.  she died at like, a year or so old because she was a runt.  liver failure.  one time i walked into the room and she was sitting on the couch, like upright, with her legs out and her back against the back of the couch, and rontel was sleeping with his head in her lap.  she was basically the size of a calf-sock half filled with sand. when you pissed her off, her one eye would twitch almost all the way close and she'd tilt her head.  RIP lola, we miss you baby girl.  you were the baddest bitch i ever knew. 
i liked 'tobacco road' by erskine caldwell a lot


somebody should do a performance art thing where they just sit in a chair in front of people (like at a museum or whatever) and see how long it takes to completely grind their teeth into nothing


a funny thing to do when someone starts to talk to you about a movie/tv show they like and then you say you haven't seen it and then they get surprised and say, "oh you have to see it" is to say, "i probably won't do that."